Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Name the puppy! **competition**

As glittrgirl reminded me - the puppy doesn't have a name yet!! J suggested Blots to go with Smudgies which I thought was quite clever. However, suggestions in the comments please.... if I get one that we like then the person who suggested it will win their very own Angelica picture - drawn just for them - not published anywhere else.

Art imitates life.

Wonder what could be going here?
Do not be fooled by that cute puppy face!
As Smudgie's knows - puppies are evil!


Smudgies was thinking about colour. He'd heard his colour referred to as ginger. "Hmph" he thought to himself "I am lots of colours, not just one!" He admired his fur. There was brown, white, gold and orange, all rippling through his coat. "I am magnificent. I am not just ginger , I am spicey coloured," he thought.
"Silly old puss" laughed Anjelica, "Ginger is a spice." Smudgies purred his approval "Ah, ginger" he thought, "a perfect description!"