Monday, 1 September 2008

Good yarn friendly behaviour brings great rewards!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Gauge is a puzzling thing....

or.....who turned off the lights?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Better late than never!

'Hand knits need special love and care.'
'Lace knitters have a special concentrating face!'
'A little unwanted help.'

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Name the puppy! **competition**

As glittrgirl reminded me - the puppy doesn't have a name yet!! J suggested Blots to go with Smudgies which I thought was quite clever. However, suggestions in the comments please.... if I get one that we like then the person who suggested it will win their very own Angelica picture - drawn just for them - not published anywhere else.

Art imitates life.

Wonder what could be going here?
Do not be fooled by that cute puppy face!
As Smudgie's knows - puppies are evil!


Smudgies was thinking about colour. He'd heard his colour referred to as ginger. "Hmph" he thought to himself "I am lots of colours, not just one!" He admired his fur. There was brown, white, gold and orange, all rippling through his coat. "I am magnificent. I am not just ginger , I am spicey coloured," he thought.
"Silly old puss" laughed Anjelica, "Ginger is a spice." Smudgies purred his approval "Ah, ginger" he thought, "a perfect description!"

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I worked out today that so far I've drawn 49 Anjelica pictures - and have been a bit remiss in posting them and their stories. But I will make up for it. The above is just a rough sketch of an idea that I've since developed. Anjelica has told me the story behind it but I've not had the chance to jot it down yet.
Now there's a surprise.....Smudgies dreaming of Star Gazey pie - who would have thought it.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Smudgies day.

Cat T.V.
Wash time.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Pop & rumble.

Smudgies watched the pretty wobbly things intently. They were interesting. They were making Anjelica laugh out loud. But they made his paws itch and his whiskers twitch. He fought the urge to bat them, chase them as long as he could, but it was no good. The very next moment he was prancing and pouncing, leaping and popping! The popping was very satisfying indeed. Anjelica looked down at him smiling "Silly old puss" she said.

Smudgies tummy rumbled, all this exercise was making him hungry and it must be at least an eternity since the tiny morsel of fish he had for breakfast. He sat and look adoringly at Anjelica, projecting pictures of fish at her as hard as he could. She was still making the wobbly things and chasing after them. Smudgies meowed and thought hard again. Anjelica stopped and said "Yes, Smudgies this is hot and thirsty fun. Time for ice cream I think." Smudgies ears pricked up "Yum" he thought and wondered hopefully if the shop would have any fish flavoured ones. Anjelica giggled as she guessed what he was thinking "No silly," she said "but I could chop some salmon and put it with the ice cream in your special bowl at home, if you like?" Smudgies rubbed around her legs purring loudly "Perfect" he thought.

A little while later, still enjoying the sunshine out in the garden, Smudgies showed Anjelica the proper way to enjoy ice heads included!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A beginning

Anjelica Button is neither here or there, this or that or where and when. She just is. She shares her world and adventures with a fat ginger cat called Smudgies and they have more days of fun and frolics than days that are dull and dreary - though occasionally Anjelica's little devil horns do materialise.

Smudgies would happily spend the majority of his time sleeping and dreaming of the passion of his life.....'Stargazey Pie'. The rest of his time would be spent contentedly scoffing up the aforementioned pie, but Anjelica quite often has different ideas on this! Smudgies being a non-selfish kitty, 9 times out of 10 goes along with her. After all she is the maker of 'the pie of dreams' and the purchaser of fish and keeping her happy is in his best interests. Plus he is as curious (or is that just plan nosey?) as most cats and likes to keep an eye on what is going on. Who knows on one adventure they might find a treasure trove of pies or a hidden stash of salmon....Smudgies is rather partial to salmon on non pie days.

Anjelica loves to play, especially out of doors and can always find a 100 ways to get either dirty or into mischief.
On days where she has to stay in she loves to bake, knit (now there's a surprise) and play pretend.
She has an extensive rack of costumes for such days. Smudgies will tolerate wearing the odd tiara or bandage, but draws the line at more than that. A cat has his dignity after all.

So, it is my job to share Anjelica's life and stories with you, as and when she decides to share them with me.....I think we might have a lot of adventures and fun in her world......

(to be continued.)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Here they are

Finding an old bag of odds and sods of yarn in the bowels of the hall cupboard inspired me to knit an Anjelica and Smudgies. It's mainly old acrylic stuff I've had for donkey's years but it did the job.
The fish and bowl are courtesy of J. I adapted some rather ancient Jean Greenhow patterns to get the basic shapes.
The head needed major changes but with a bit of fiddling, I got there and am pleased with the result. It filled most of Friday afternoon and evening but I enjoyed myself. Knitted on 3.25mm they were quite a quick and satisfying knit. All the skills I used to use when I worked as a doll maker came back - including how to do hair out or wool. I wanted a scruffy look - like the drawings - I think I got it ok.

So now I have them in 3D to inspire my drawings or not as the case may be - they were fun and I am happy :-D

Friday, 11 January 2008

'Who needs a swimming pool?'
'Tomboy days Rock!'

This one was drawn for J - (family joke) and it has a story to go with it. But I find it hard enough putting my pictures up let alone the stuff I write. Maybe one day I'll do it, but for now pictures will have to do.

I've completed drawing 29 in the series so far and they are getting better and better and my head is swimming with ideas - I have a list - but if anyone else can think of something 'cool/cute/funny' for AB and Smudgies to do - give me a shout!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Anjelica Button has lived in my head for a long time. Just recently, in a flurry of rediscovered love of drawing, she emerged in her own right.
So I decided she needed her own blog. Where I can post all the pictures, and stories of her life and adventures.
She shares her world with her fat ginger cat Smudgies who shares her adventures, when he isn't snoozing and who has a passionate regard for Star-gazey Pie!

Please come back and visit - as Anjelica's world is a great place to be.

(Anjelica Button is my own invention and is not based on anyone (other than bits of me as a child) in real life. She is my creation and is copyrighted under 'dogwomendon't designs'. I am happy to share her with you - but please don't steal her or print off my pictures and use them - thank you.