Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Name the puppy! **competition**

As glittrgirl reminded me - the puppy doesn't have a name yet!! J suggested Blots to go with Smudgies which I thought was quite clever. However, suggestions in the comments please.... if I get one that we like then the person who suggested it will win their very own Angelica picture - drawn just for them - not published anywhere else.


glittrgirl said...

Milly (short for Miliana meaning eager)
Jody (meaning playful)
Kacie (vigorous/alert)


Faerynuff said...

Anjelica's puppy looks like a Fudge to me.

I'm going to read Anjelica's stories to the girls after tea tonight :)

Thanks for sharing x

Mitchypoo said...

I like the name Wiggles!

Really nice drawings!

Jakob said...

Blots to go with Smudges!