Monday, 23 April 2012

A funny sort of a day.

Anjelica Button was having a funny sort of a day. There were clouds but no rain, blue skies but no sun and nothing seemed to fit into place. She didn't feel right indoors but couldn't think of anything to do outdoors. It was a 'fidget-wiggle-squirm' kind of a day.

Smudgies was no help either, he'd finished his breakfast and had snuggled down to sleep and Anjelica knew that nothing would move him now until he heard the rattle of the lunchtime smackerel of mackerel! The postman had walked straight past and the phone was silent - Anjelica heaved a very big bored sigh.

She went to look out of the window and as she did she noticed a tiny red blob of brightness nestled in the grass. Forgetting her fidgets and her shoes she dashed out of the back door and into the garden. As quietly as possible, on her stockinged feet, she crept towards the little bright early flower? ...........An hidden gem from some buried treasure? She lowered herself onto her tummy in the grass and there it was ..........the first ladybird of Spring.

Entranced Anjelica watched its steady progress up and down the blades of grass. So intent on watching that when a rabbit unexpectedly popped its head out of nearby burrow it was hard to judge who was the most startled Anjelica Button or the rabbit!

The rabbit and Anjelica stared at each other, one with a smile and the other with twitching whiskers (I'm sure you'll know which was which), whilst the ladybird oblivious to both, trudged on through the grass. Anjelica Button sighed a contented sigh this time - it didn't feel like a 'fidget-wiggle-squirm' day anymore it felt like a day for meeting your new neighbours.

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