Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A beginning

Anjelica Button is neither here or there, this or that or where and when. She just is. She shares her world and adventures with a fat ginger cat called Smudgies and they have more days of fun and frolics than days that are dull and dreary - though occasionally Anjelica's little devil horns do materialise.

Smudgies would happily spend the majority of his time sleeping and dreaming of the passion of his life.....'Stargazey Pie'. The rest of his time would be spent contentedly scoffing up the aforementioned pie, but Anjelica quite often has different ideas on this! Smudgies being a non-selfish kitty, 9 times out of 10 goes along with her. After all she is the maker of 'the pie of dreams' and the purchaser of fish and keeping her happy is in his best interests. Plus he is as curious (or is that just plan nosey?) as most cats and likes to keep an eye on what is going on. Who knows on one adventure they might find a treasure trove of pies or a hidden stash of salmon....Smudgies is rather partial to salmon on non pie days.

Anjelica loves to play, especially out of doors and can always find a 100 ways to get either dirty or into mischief.
On days where she has to stay in she loves to bake, knit (now there's a surprise) and play pretend.
She has an extensive rack of costumes for such days. Smudgies will tolerate wearing the odd tiara or bandage, but draws the line at more than that. A cat has his dignity after all.

So, it is my job to share Anjelica's life and stories with you, as and when she decides to share them with me.....I think we might have a lot of adventures and fun in her world......

(to be continued.)

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