Friday, 18 January 2008

Pop & rumble.

Smudgies watched the pretty wobbly things intently. They were interesting. They were making Anjelica laugh out loud. But they made his paws itch and his whiskers twitch. He fought the urge to bat them, chase them as long as he could, but it was no good. The very next moment he was prancing and pouncing, leaping and popping! The popping was very satisfying indeed. Anjelica looked down at him smiling "Silly old puss" she said.

Smudgies tummy rumbled, all this exercise was making him hungry and it must be at least an eternity since the tiny morsel of fish he had for breakfast. He sat and look adoringly at Anjelica, projecting pictures of fish at her as hard as he could. She was still making the wobbly things and chasing after them. Smudgies meowed and thought hard again. Anjelica stopped and said "Yes, Smudgies this is hot and thirsty fun. Time for ice cream I think." Smudgies ears pricked up "Yum" he thought and wondered hopefully if the shop would have any fish flavoured ones. Anjelica giggled as she guessed what he was thinking "No silly," she said "but I could chop some salmon and put it with the ice cream in your special bowl at home, if you like?" Smudgies rubbed around her legs purring loudly "Perfect" he thought.

A little while later, still enjoying the sunshine out in the garden, Smudgies showed Anjelica the proper way to enjoy ice heads included!

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