Saturday, 12 January 2008

Here they are

Finding an old bag of odds and sods of yarn in the bowels of the hall cupboard inspired me to knit an Anjelica and Smudgies. It's mainly old acrylic stuff I've had for donkey's years but it did the job.
The fish and bowl are courtesy of J. I adapted some rather ancient Jean Greenhow patterns to get the basic shapes.
The head needed major changes but with a bit of fiddling, I got there and am pleased with the result. It filled most of Friday afternoon and evening but I enjoyed myself. Knitted on 3.25mm they were quite a quick and satisfying knit. All the skills I used to use when I worked as a doll maker came back - including how to do hair out or wool. I wanted a scruffy look - like the drawings - I think I got it ok.

So now I have them in 3D to inspire my drawings or not as the case may be - they were fun and I am happy :-D


Paige said...

Angelica Button is too cute. And as someone who draws but is "no artist" I think you do a great job!
-Paige at

glittrgirl said...